suckling pig


The Most Appropriate Places to Taste Bali Suckling Pig

Bali suckling pig has never been good in other places! You have not really lived on Earth unless you have tried Bali suckling pig or Babi Guling. It is one of classing Balinese dishes containing a roasted pig stuffed with traditional spices like turmeric, lime and salam leaves, and chilies. There are plenty of stalls […]

Perawatan Kulit Sensitif


Punya Masalah Kulit Sensitif? Yuk, Lakukan Perawatan Kulit untuk Kulit Sensitif Ini

5 Cara Perawatan Kulit untuk Kulit Sensitif yang Tepat Ada beberapa jenis kulit yang dimiliki manusia, secara umumnya yaitu kulit normal, kulit berminyak, kulit kering, kulit sensitif, serta kulit kombinasi. Dari tipe-tipe tersebut, umumnya kulit sensitif dan berminyak yang sering mengalami masalah dan memerlukan perawatan tambahan. Untuk mengatasinya, Anda dapat melakukan perawatan kulit untuk kulit […]

Skin Care Berkualitas


Punya Masalah Kulit Kering? Cobalah 3 Tips Memilih Skin Care Ampuh untuk Kulit Kering Berikut Ini

3 Tips Memilih Skin Care Ampuh untuk Perawatan Kulit Kering Kulit yang kering akan mudah gatal, berubah kemerahan ketika digaruk, terasa kasar ketika disentuh, sering iritasi, serta mudah sekali mengelupas. Untuk melembabkannya, Anda perlu memilih skin care ampuh yang tepat agar tidak semakin merusak kulit. Pasalnya, bila salah memilih, kulit akan semakin kering dan mudah […]

Skin Care Murah Berkualitas


Rekomendasi Skin Care Murah Berkualitas

Cara Memilih Skin Care Murah Berkualitas Kulit sehat, putih, dan bersih adalah dambaan setiap perempuan. Untuk mewujudkannya, kini tersedia cukup banyak produk skin care di pasaran. Bahkan, banyak juga produk skin care murah yang sudah banyak tersedia di pasaran. Namun, Anda tidak boleh memilihnya secara sembarangan. Pastikan hanya memilih yang sudah benar-benar aman saja, salah […]


The Best Watersports of Bali Trip Adventure

Experience the Best Watersports of Bali Trip Adventure 1. Surfing Bali with its beautiful beaches, has offered you great numerous options of surfing. Surfing has been one of the most wanted activities by the tourists in Bali. You should now that nowadays, there are 30 spots for surfing established on the island. They are just […]


Bali Tour Packages for Couples

Get the Best Honeymoon with Bali Tour Packages from Doomo Bali Are you newly couple? Is your honeymoon being delayed because you haven’t found the best spot and price? Then, Doomo Bali might be the answer you need. They believe that each couple should have different experience of honeymoon so that they will remember it […]

Bali Transfers Services


How to Get the Right Bali Transfers Services for You

Find Out the Right Bali Transfers Services Being welcomed in the airport might be one of the nicest feelings in the world. If you want a warm welcome like this and then picked-up to the hotel, then why don’t you try the Bali Transfers Services for you? It is simple, easy, and comfortable, and another […]


A Truly Trusted Tours Services in Bali during Your Stay

Tours Services in Bali Go Beyond Your Expectation Tours services in Bali are here because there are so many natural potentials here that call tourists to come and come again. This business really knows your needs, so the full choice is given to you to decide where to go and where to sleep to enjoy […]



Perfectly Tours Services in Bali are Calling You Back

Tourist Attraction Provided by Tours Services in Bali Tours services in Bali has been striving to realize every desire of both domestic and foreign tourists. However, to provide you the best results, you are also asked to contribute feedback so that this business is friendlier to all. This can only be realized if there are […]

bali dirt bike


Enjoying Bali with the Bali Dirt Bike Adventure

Why You Have to Try Bali Dirt Bike Adventure Have you heard about Bali dirt bike adventure? This is something interesting for the tourists in Bali. You have to know that Bali dirt bike is a challenging experience that you can’t pass easily. This is something you have to try because you will find a […]


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