Having a mobile application is highly related and worth to be reconsidered when you are building a website or e-commerce website. With a fact that there are 4.77 billion mobile phone users in the world , and expected to reach 4.93 billion in 2018 with 50% of them are smartphone users. No doubt, a Mobile Application isn’t an underdog option anymore. But at one point, you sometimes faced the path and consideration when to or not to choose an Mobile Application for your business. Well, we make a short list, to give you a cheat of when to choose or not choose to build a Mobile Application :

Your website just one week launched, and you decide to build app? Well…
You need a moment and a point where you decide to add ‘mobile app’ as a one portfolio for your business, again it back to your business model. But if you just a build, for example, an make up e-commerce website, and decide to build a mobile app one week after, before even know the website growth and traffic, you need to re think about this decision. You need to see your website growth, segment, market, and build up those aspects first. After all settle, and ready to expand more market, then it’s your moment to launch your mobile app. It’s all about strengthen your base.

Avoiding Blurred Lines
One more thing confused the people is when there is no difference between the usage of mobile app and website. When both provide same information, feature, no special offer, no specific experience, then it will turned to zero downloaded on your mobile app history. You need to specify what will make your audience download your app, what’s the different between your mobile app and your website, what is the special deal, what is the unique experience that will they have, etc.

Don’t build it if that’s not matched your audience.
This should be detailed even before you build a business. You make a website that sell Eldelry Diapers and make a mobile app for that? Well, rethink that.