Bali suckling pig has never been good in other places!

You have not really lived on Earth unless you have tried Bali suckling pig or Babi Guling. It is one of classing Balinese dishes containing a roasted pig stuffed with traditional spices like turmeric, lime and salam leaves, and chilies. There are plenty of stalls to restaurants serving this dish, but sign up for these 4 best spots!

  • Warung Pondok Madu

This place has never failed to please you! Located in the heart of Ubud, Warung Pondok Madu presents the best Bali Suckling Pig. The average cost is around IDR 25.000-75.000, which is so budget-friendly as you get a huge portion and original taste of Bali. You can pick a special menu with Sambal Matah, Sambal Hijau, or Balinese sauce.

  • Mama Canggu Suckling Pig

It is the best place for you who crave not only the mouthwatering suckling pig but also a cute place to eat. Mama Canggu Suckling Pig is located at Jl. Pantai Berawa no. 100x with surrounded by rice fields and vintage Balinese decoration. The spice and meat will “hit” your mouth once you taste the dish!

  • Babi Guling Men Suka

After looking at Mama Canggu Suckling Pig, this place may not be pleasing for you because it is situated at a small warung. However, the taste has been legendary! Babi Guling Men Suka has opened 30 years ago and has given an affordable and authentic suckling pig. So, you had better not judge it by its appearance.

  • Pork Star

If you do not agree with the two recommendations above, you may nod to this one. Pork Star is so bright with a pink container as the place to serve you. The tender pork meets baby potato or steamed rice with sweet and spicy sauce. You can also choose other pork-based menus such as pork bacon with mozzarella or pork ribs soup.